Online Al-Anon Chat Meetings

For the friends and families of alcoholics.

Come Join Us in Chat!

Our Al-Anon Family Group chat meetings at the site are conducted much like face-to-face meetings. A chairperson facilitates each meeting and "reads" the opening and closing statements, chooses a topic, and calls on members to share.

If members wish to share on the topic, they "raise their hand" by typing an exclamation point: ! And when they are finished sharing, they type DONE so that they chairman will know they are finished.

To share during a meeting, just type short sentences in the "Type HERE" box and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.

How to Log On

You will need a password to log on to the chat room. To get your password, register a username to participate in our meetings. It's a two-step process, you will immediately receive one email asking you to confirm by clicking on a link that it's you, not someone else using your email address, and then a second email assigning you a password.

After you register your nickname, to log on to the chat room go to the home page, and then click on the link to Al-Anon Meetings. Type in your nickname (username) and click on Connect. When you are connected, you will be asked for your password.

Complete Chat Schedule
An up-to-date list of current meetings.

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