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About Awakenings

Awakenings is an email Al-Anon Meeting focusing on Steps 3 and 11 and the spiritual journey of recovering from the effects of living with or having lived with a person with a drinking problem -- their families and friends.

Awakenings began on September 26, 1996 with a posting on another Online Al-Anon (OLA) group by one of us who wondered if there were others who were interested in focusing on Steps 3 & 11 and the spiritual side of recovery. Twenty-two people responded. The first share was posted on September 30, 1996. Shares on specific topics, selected by a Weekly Topic Chair, were begun in December 1996. A Member Contact was affirmed in January 1997. On April 15, 1997 we moved from keeping a personal address book and/or doing mail forwarding to using a listserve.

Awakenings is guided by the principles we learn in Al-Anon, upon which our guidelines for sharing online were developed. Awakenings is listed at the WSO as an OLA meeting and participates in the Online Al-Anon Information Service.

Al-Anon online differs from face-to-face (f2f) meetings. We don't consider this a substitute. It is an additional recovery tool enabling sharing and reading others' experience, strength and hope (ESH) -- an adjunct to all important f2f meetings, Al-Anon literature, personal sponsorship, etc. Online email sharing is more like publishing. Initially, it may not seem as personal and warm as regular Al-Anon meetings, however, we do develop online friendships that are often quite rewarding in our Al-Anon recovery. Often we are amazed at how a higher power works to bring us together.

As we keep coming back, we get to know each other and come to love each other in a very special way. It may take a little longer to feel comfortable. We can't easily ask questions after the meeting and we can't go for coffee/tea. Personal emailing to other participants is a way of having a meeting after the meeting.

We invite you to read our Guidelines and decide if you wish to join us on our journey of recovery.

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