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Friends of Lois is an email group with a strong focus on Al-Anon recovery. We generally have one new topic per week and ask every member who is able to share on the topic. Shares are limited to topics, one of the Steps, Traditions, Concepts or a request for help; no announcements or off-topic chat. We have a separate list which serves as a forum for occasional business issues and for group conscience discussions. Subscribing to Friends of Lois automatically subscribes one to the business list, but the member may opt off the business list at any time without affecting their Friends of Lois membership.

Friends of Lois grew originally by word of mouth (or email) and is made up mostly of people who were on AOL. Our meeting has existed for several years and is registered as an online group with Al-Anon World Service Office. This means we are also listed on the Online Al-Anon Information Service web page making us more accessible to those seeking on-line Al-Anon meetings. Our group number is 062770. Our membership is multi-national.

We use, a listserver that automatically forwards all mail sent to the group address to every member. This simplifies our communications immensely by allowing us to use one simple address for all shares.

If this sounds interesting to you we'd love to have you take part. To join our group send a message to