MODAT Info Sheet

MODAT (Men's One Day At a Time) is an international Men's Al-Anon Email Group and is open to all Al-Anon men regardless of their sexual orientation.

If you are a male who currently is or has been affected by someone's drinking and wish to join MODAT, please click the membership request link below. It will cause an appropriately addressed email message to be created. Because we do our best to protect everyone's anonymity, we require that you confide a little bit of your circumstances (what brings you to Al-Anon) with the MODAT Administrator. He is a member of Al-Anon/MODAT and will hold such information in strict confidence. Please include this information with your email.

Once you become a member of MODAT your name will be added to an email list server. Anything you send to the MODAT address will be forwarded to the entire group.

We are not currently running any "formal" meetings. People share as the spirit moves them, but we ask that such shares be related to the Al-Anon program and how it works in their lives.

One final point. We are an anonymous program. We make every attempt to protect your anonymity but cannot guarantee it. Your personal anonymity is your responsibility. Some Internet Service Providers and commercial on-line services include your full name in your e-mail address. We suggest you take whatever measures you deem appropriate to preserve a level of anonymity that makes you comfortable.

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Updated 2013/05/17
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