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New Beginnings AFG an Al Anon e-mail group that is open to anyone whose life has been affected by the alcoholism of a relative or friend. Our group has weekly e-mail meetings with a new topic each week. Week One of each month is a Step Meeting and Week Three is a Traditions Meeting. Weeks Two and Four are open and the chair that week chooses the meeting topic for that week.

Special features of the list include an ICQ chat room, a WEBTV chat room , and a live chat meeting every Tuesday night. We also have a sponsor list that is posted monthly to the group as well as a telephone contact list of our members.

This is a place to share and be open without the risk of being judged or criticized. We are here as a support to one another. Please join us, we welcome you with open and loving arms!! Peace, Love and Serenity will be yours, if you are willing to allow it into your life!! Come on in!!

How to subscribe:

Email to : Felicia

Subject: Subscribe to New Beginnings