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SHARE, a group of people who have been affected by another's drinking, agree that they meet and share via the Internet for the purpose of mutual aid in dealing with the family disease of Alcoholism. We therefore declare ourselves an Al-Anon Family Group, which will follow the Al-Anon Traditions to maintain the spirit of fellowship with all world-wide Al-Anon Family Groups.

SHARE's roots began with the CyberSerenity Al-Anon Family Group (CAFG) in March 1995. The group grew very quickly, and by September 1996 there were 700 members and an average of 30 email messages per day. The following February, in order to minimize the band width used by this email list, CAFG's server, UTK, required everyone to receive mail in digest format.

As a result of this new requirement, in September of 1997 the elected Trusted Servants and many other members moved to a listserve at Best. In June 1998, this group chose a new name, Sharing Hope And Recovery in Email (SHARE). If you are interested in further information about how our group has emerged, see our recorded Group Consciences and the On-Line Al-Anon History.

Our meetings are held weekly with a new topic provided by a meeting chairperson. As in many email lists, a large proportion of the group does not share on a regular basis. Currently, the volume of mail on the large list averages four shares per day.

The Steps, Traditions, and Concepts of Service are our guidelines. We are self-supporting through Seventh Tradition contributions. We also support the On-Line Al-Anon Information Service (OLA-IS) and the World Service Organization (WSO).

Our group has many opportunities to serve in many capacities. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

On-line meetings are different from face to face meetings as we do not have the human contact of seeing, hearing and hugging. But we do develop special relationships with one another as we share our Experience, Strength and Hope. Anonymity on-line, as in a face to face meeting, is an important principle.

Come join us!

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At this time the Al-Anon Family Groups, Inc., 1600 Corporate Landing Parkway, Virginia Beach, Va. 23454, is in process of developing guidelines for Al-Anon on the Internet. The provision of the information on this website does not constitute endorsement of this by AFG, Inc., WSO, or any other entities. Updated March 2000.