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MOTIONS PASSED by CAFG November, 1995:

GROUP - Move that this group of people, who have been affected by another's drinking, agree that they meet and share via the internet for the purpose of mutual aid in dealing with the family disease of Alcoholism. We therefore declare ourselves an Al-Anon Family Group, which will follow the Al-Anon Traditions to maintain the spirit of fellowship with all world-wide Al-Anon Family Groups.

REGISTRATION - Move that we apply for registration to the United States Al-Anon Woprld Service Office so that our group's existence can be listed in Al-Anon information and to avail our group of connection with all other members of the world-wide fellowship of Al-Anon.

OFFICERS - Move that we open a discussion as to what officers are needed in the group, what the dutires of each office will be, what the terms of each office, will be, etc. That we consider the "suggestions" provided in the Al-Anon Service Manual as input and will seek input from other Al--Anon online groups.


MEETING CONTACT - The Ad-Hoc Committee moves that the position of Meeting Contact be established as described in Motion 96-01:
At the request of the World Service Office, we establish the service position of Meeting Contact to serve as the CAFG liaison to the World Service Office, and the fellowship of Al-Anon Family Groups in general, during the three year pilot program period; duties and responsibilities to be established through cooperation with WSO.


SECRETARY - The Ad-Hoc Committee moves that the position of Secretary be established as described in motion 96-02:
Secretary: Record motions, group conscience, vote tallying, maintain roster of trusted servants including committee.

MOTION PASSED by CAFG September, 1996:

TREASURER -We move that CyberSerenity AL-Anon Family Group (CAFG) establish the position of Treasurer, following the Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual definition as closely as applicable to online Al-Anon.

The duties of the Treasurer would include:

1. Posting notices to the CyberSerenity AFG and giving the membership the opportunity to practice the 7th Tradition.
2. Receiving contributions from the group members and sending receipts, usually by E-mail.
3. Paying the group's expenses using the checking account opened for the exclusive use of CyberSerenity AFG which shall require two (2) signatures from the elected officers, usually the Treasurer plus one other elected officer of CyberSerenity AFG.
4. Keeping a record of all receipts and expenditures.
5. Submiting a financial statement to the group at regular intervals with specific financial procedures to be established by our elected Trusted Servants with the assistance of the Ad Hoc committee until the officers elected by the CyberSerenity AFG form a Business Committee.

The treasurer shall serve for a one year trial period.

Anticipated routine expenses include the services of the list server, expenses of our Trusted Servants, and contributions to WSO. Non-routine expenses are a group conscience issue to be brought before the CyberSerenity Al-Anon Family Group or the appropriate committee before the expense is incurred.

MOTION PASSED by CAFG, November 1996:

That the CyberSerenity Al-Anon Family Group (CAFG) authorize the establishment of a Business Committee composed of the elected officers of CAFG and CAFG committee chairpersons to deal with questions of policy, public information about the group on the internet, and any internal problems that arise. The Business Committee will report its agenda and a synopsis of the discussions to CAFG on a regular basis. Any decisions that affect CAFG as a whole will be put to CAFG for a vote. Participation in Business Committee meetings by interested CAFG members will be welcomed.

MOTION PASSED by CAFG, December 1996:

That CAFG elect a Group Chairperson for a period of six months. The duties of this position are:

1. Plans meetings in advance with the program chairperson
2. Opens the meetings by posting the Preamble or the Welcome and leads the group in posting the Serenity Prayer.
3. Introduces speakers or posts the subject of the meeting.
4. Encourages members to share on the subject of the meeting and participate in all aspects of CAFG
5. Appoints committees.
6. Acts as chairperson of the business committee meeting.

MOTION PASSED by CAFG, March 1997:

Program Coordinator/Program Chair/Chair Coordinator.
This coordinator is responsible for finding volunteers to chair the CAFG meetings (the "meeting chair"). Generally, the meeting chair serves for a period of one month, but this can vary, depending on need and circumstances.

Volunteers are recruited through postings to the group asking for volunteers, and the coordinator will work with the volunteers to assign a month of service to them. Once a volunteer is found, the coordinator provides him/her with the Meeting Opening and Closing, and general instructions on how to chair a CAFG meeting. The coordinator reminds the meeting chair before his/her turn comes up, introduces the new monthly meeting chair to the group, and thanks the meeting chair for the previous month. If a problem arises and a meeting chair is unable to fulfill his/her duties, the coordinator will either find a replacement, or chair the meeting himself/herself.

E-mail List Coordinator.
This coordinator maintains the CAFG E-mail list. This list is analagous to a phone list at a regular Al-Anon meeting. The people on this list have volunteered to share their experience, strength, and hope on a one-to-one basis with anyone else in CAFG.

The E-mail list consists of member's first name, last initial (optional), e-mail address, and geographic location (optional). Every month, this coordinator sends out this e-mail list to the CAFG e-mail address under the heading of CAFG BUSINESS. In addition, this mailing will include instructions on how other members can add their name to the list, and how members can remove their name from the list.

At the present time, there is no standard way for this coordinator to be notified of when members whose names are on the e-mail list have unsubscribed to CAFG. This detail remains to be worked out.

Sponsorship List Coordinator.

This coordinator:

1. maintains a list of people who wish to be on the CAFG Sponsorship list. Membership on this list is entirely voluntary, and members can remove themselves from the list at any time.
2. posts the Sponsorship list once a week to CAFG with first names and e-mail addresses of those on the list and the names and e-mail addresses to contact if a person wishes to be added to the list or taken off.
3. adds/deletes names to/from the Sponsorship list as requested.
4. periodically e-mails those on the Sponsorship List to verify that they still wish to remain on the list. (Perhaps this can be done once a month?)
5. responds to individual requests for information regarding sponsorship in Al-Anon.

Newcomer Greeting Coordinator.
This coordinator heads the Newcomer Greeting Committee. This committee is responsible for sending out a welcome/greeting message to each new member of the CyberSerenity Al-Anon Family Group (CAFG). This is analagous to welcoming newcomers to a regular Al-Anon meeting.

The coordinator compiles the list of CAFG newcomers for the week and divides it between members of the Newcomer Greeting Committee. The committee then sends out a personal and/or standard welcome to each new member. The Coordinator also familiarizes each new member of this committee with the committee procedures. Finally, the coordinator leads discussions of changes to the standard greeting message.


The group voted to move the meeting list to a different list server.


MOTION PASSED by CAFG, April 1998:

It is moved that this CyberSerenity AFG choose a new name, re-list with WSO as a new group with a new I.D. number, and give $102 (1/3 of the CAFG treasury at the time of the move) to the other group called CyberSerenity@lists.best.com.

No minority reports were filed.


CyberSerenity AFG chose the new name, Sharing Hope and Recovery in Email (SHARE). Members submitted 63 suggested new names. The process took five ballots to determine the winner.

Final ballot results:
41 (63%): SHARE (Sharing Hope and Recovery in Email)
24 (37%): A New Beginning

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At this time the Al-Anon Family Groups, Inc., 1600 Corporate Landing Parkway, Virginia Beach, Va. 23454, is in process of developing guidelines for Al-Anon on the Internet. The provision of the information on this website does not constitute endorsement of this by AFG, Inc., WSO, or any other entities. Updated March 2000.