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CyberSerenity [CAFG] began in March 1995 and grew to about 700 members by September 1996. On June 18, 1996 - CyberSerenity [CAFG] was the first online Al-Anon group listed at WSO. In September, 1997 the large meeting split into two. Our current membership is about 500 members with about 5 - 10 messages per day.

We have a weekly topic, chosen by a Group Chair who rotates monthly. The topics are usually based on a step or tradition that changes monthly. Sharing off topic is always welcome. Individual (one message at a time as it is sent to the list) or digest (all messages for one day in one large message), and no mail (read messages at the website) are available.

CAFG also has a chat room. Meeting times, when scheduled, will be posted on the calendar at the CAFG eGroups website. You must be a member to chat. The chat room is always open if members would like to arrange their own 'meeting'. Members can also chat one on one by agreeing on when to go to the chat room and clicking on the name of the member they would like to chat with.

Welcome and Guidelines
We hope this information will assist you in determining whether or not membership in the "CyberSerenity Al-Anon Family Group" is for you.

How to Join
If you feel our Al-Anon group is for you, we invite you to become a member. Here are some instructions and help.

Our Group Conscience
The Group Conscience Committee was set up on April 16, 1998 to allow those interested in the business side of our Al-Anon to discuss business without interrupting sharing on our regular list.

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